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Embodied Stories: Resurrection

      Embodied Stories: Resurrection - Rev Natalie Webb

“Those in power and the official religious and political structures of the Greco-Roman world promoted a belief in realized eschatology: that you get what you deserve now, in this life. If you are wealthy and powerful, it’s because the gods have blessed you. If you’re poor, or a slave, or a woman, well – you’re somehow getting what you deserve, too. This system works really well for the rich. It props up their status as God-ordained, and it’s a great way to keep everyone else in their place. Roman religion proclaimed, “Blessed are the rich, the full, the laughing, the well-liked; and woe to the poor, the hungry, the grieving, the reviled – you must have done something to anger the gods.” Of course, this way of thinking is the exact opposite of what we heard Jesus say in the first text that we read today.”