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Sermons by Natalie Webb

Peacemaking 2

Jesus invites us to join him in the hard work of true, positive peacemaking in our world. To do this, we have to notice and name the things that debilitate us and those around us. We have to reach out to touch and heal each other. This will absolutely be uncomfortable. This will absolutely lead to tension. This will absolutely disturb the false, negative peace that those of us in positions of privilege idolize. Will we join Jesus anyway?

On Peacemaking

Throughout the gospels, we see that Jesus’ ministry is one of peace. And throughout the gospels, we also see that Jesus’ peaceful ministry constantly causes division. Jesus’ words and actions rarely bring people together, instead, they force them to make a decision, pick a side. And I think this is what Jesus is getting at in our text for today: that peacemaking is not the same thing as peacekeeping.

What Do You See?

“It’s past time that we start listening to the slave girl. And to all the people we have silenced and rushed past for years, for centuries, for millennia. Does that mean we kick Paul and our traditional heroes to the curb? No, of course not. But it does mean that sometimes, as with all of our ancestors of the faith and of the flesh, we have to learn from their mistakes.”

Who is My Mother?

Mother Church – How wide are our arms stretching, really? Who can’t seem to fit in these arms of ours? Who don’t we want to fit? It’s a question we have to continually return to, because we are not called to be a mother who embraces only our own, but a mother who embraces the whole world.

Christ With & Within Us

“The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart” (Rom 10:8).
This is the good news. You don’t have to search far and wide, high and low, near and far for God, as if by knowing enough, or achieving enough, or helping enough, or building up enough virtue and goodness you could find God. You are already enough.”

Embodied Stories: Resurrection

“Those in power and the official religious and political structures of the Greco-Roman world promoted a belief in realized eschatology: that you get what you deserve now, in this life. If you are wealthy and powerful, it’s because the gods have blessed you. If you’re poor, or a slave, or a woman, well – you’re…

A Story of Joy 12-16-18

“A Story of Joy” Sunday, December 16, 2018, Second Sunday of Advent Rev. Natalie Webb, Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Outreach I want to start by inviting you to remember a moment when you experienced deep joy. Maybe it was looking down at your child as she slept, or watching him walk across the…