Sunday 9/29/2019 - Service: Forgetting Easter

Minister/Presenter: Rev Amy Butler
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0092:31.69mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE: Fantasy in G minor (JS Bach 1685-1750)00:00.0006:07.19mp3 | ogg
2CALL TO WORSHIP06:07.1901:40.15mp3 | ogg
3HANDBELLS: C Major Peal (Alice Ralston)07:47.3301:54.97mp3 | ogg
4HYMN 501 Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah (CWM Rhondda)09:42.3104:30.76mp3 | ogg
5INVOCATION- LORDS PRAYER- GLORIA PATRI14:13.0702:37.01mp3 | ogg
6WELCOME- GREETING ONE ANOTHER- Siahamba16:50.0803:48.72mp3 | ogg
7FIRST READING: Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-1520:38.8002:07.33mp3 | ogg
8MORNING OFFERING22:46.1300:50.69mp3 | ogg
9OFFERTORY: Psalm 150 (Cesar Franck 1822-1890)23:36.8304:56.72mp3 | ogg
11CHILDRENS TIME30:27.2803:12.87mp3 | ogg
12HYMN For Everyone Born 33:40.1506:24.49mp3 | ogg
13SECOND READING: Mark 16:9-2040:04.6402:23.41mp3 | ogg
14PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE42:28.0504:23.35mp3 | ogg
15SERMON: Forgetting Easter (Rev Amy Butler)46:51.4015:29.71mp3 | ogg
16ANTHEM: God You Made All Things for Singing (John Ferguson)62:21.1103:07.92mp3 | ogg
17COMMUNION65:29.0311:15.04mp3 | ogg
18ANNOUNCEMENTS - Recognition of Members76:44.0706:23.25mp3 | ogg
19HYMN 393 Blest Be the Tie That Binds (Dennis)83:07.3202:33.92mp3 | ogg
20BENEDICTION85:41.2400:30.91mp3 | ogg
21POSTLUDE: Fugue in G minor (JS Bach 1685-1750)86:12.1506:19.55mp3 | ogg

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