Sunday 9/15/2019 - Service: Belovong,Belonging,Becoming

Minister/Presenter: Rev Brent Newberry
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0064:14.35mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE:Nun bitten denheiligen Geist (Dietrich Buxtehude)00:00.0003:42.51mp3 | ogg
2CALL TO WORSHIP03:42.5101:06.76mp3 | ogg
3HYMN 28 Foer Beauty Of Meadows (St Denio)04:49.2702:08.56mp3 | ogg
4WELCOME - GREETING ONE ANOTHER - "Halle, Halle, Hallelujah06:57.8303:17.79mp3 | ogg
5FIRST READING: Pslam 136:1-9,25-2610:15.6101:56.20mp3 | ogg
6MORNING OFFERING12:11.8101:19.11mp3 | ogg
7OFFERTORY: If Ye Love Me (Thomas Tallis 1505-1585)13:30.9201:56.20mp3 | ogg
9CHILDRENS TIME17:25.7906:40.52mp3 | ogg
10HYMN 477 Come Find a Quiet Center (Beach Spring)24:06.3104:27.01mp3 | ogg
11DEDICATION OF CHORAL ANTHEM28:33.3200:44.51mp3 | ogg
12ANTHEM: Draw the Circle Wide (Mark Millere)29:17.8304:02.28mp3 | ogg
13SERMON: Beloving,Belonging,Becoming (Rev Brent Newberry)33:20.1110:05.72mp3 | ogg
14PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE43:25.8304:39.37mp3 | ogg
15HYMN 123 Fairest Lord Jesus48:05.2004:41.84mp3 | ogg
16BLESSING THE LEAVE TAKING of Rev Derek Hensen52:47.0404:36.91mp3 | ogg
17ANNOUNCEMENTS57:23.9503:20.25mp3 | ogg
18BENEDICTION60:44.2001:14.17mp3 | ogg
19POSTLUDE61:58.3702:15.97mp3 | ogg

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