Sunday 6/2/2019 - Service: What Do You See

Minister/Presenter: Rev Natalie Webb
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0075:54.05mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE: Berseuse (Louis Vierne 1870-1937)00:00.0004:34.43mp3 | ogg
2CALL TO WORSHIP-INVOCATION04:34.4302:45.65mp3 | ogg
3HYMN 320 Alleluia, Sing To Jesus (Hyfrydol)07:20.0803:42.51mp3 | ogg
4WELCOME-GREETING ONE ANOTHER-GATHERING SONG 732 Glory To God In the Highest11:02.5902:24.64mp3 | ogg
5FIRST READING: John 17:20-213:27.2301:48.77mp3 | ogg
6PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE15:16.0002:41.95mp3 | ogg
7MORNING OFFERING17:57.9500:23.48mp3 | ogg
8OFFERTORY: Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior18:21.4304:50.51mp3 | ogg
10CHILDREN'S TIME25:10.6006:38.05mp3 | ogg
11HYMN 322 A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing (Lasst Uns Er Freuen)31:48.6503:11.60mp3 | ogg
12SECOND READING: Acts 16:16-3435:00.2503:30.16mp3 | ogg
13SERMON: (Rev Natalie Webb)38:30.4118:02.88mp3 | ogg
14HOLY COMMUNION56:33.2911:02.60mp3 | ogg
15HYMN 434 If Christ Had Not Been Raised From the Death (Kinsfold)67:35.8902:44.40mp3 | ogg
16ANNOUNCEMENTS70:20.2902:37.00mp3 | ogg
17BENEDICTION72:57.2900:37.08mp3 | ogg
18POSTLUDE: Andante Tranquillo, from Sonata III (Felix Mendelssohn 1809-1847)73:34.3702:19.68mp3 | ogg

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