Sunday 12/16/2018 - Service: A Story of Joy

Minister/Presenter: Rev Natalie Webb
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0059:10.61mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE00:00.0002:19.15mp3 | ogg
2CHORAL INVITATORY: Veni Veni Emmanuel02:19.1501:29.85mp3 | ogg
3HYMN 170 My Soul Proclaims With Wonder (Walnut)03:49.0002:43.00mp3 | ogg
4LIGHTING OF THE ADVENT CANDLES06:32.0001:02.81mp3 | ogg
5ADVENT PRAYER FOR PEACE07:34.8100:48.49mp3 | ogg
6HYMN 170 Reprise08:23.3101:09.97mp3 | ogg
7WELCOME-GREETING ONE ANOTHER- HYMN 163 All Earth Is Hopeful (Taule)09:33.2804:10.47mp3 | ogg
8CHILDRENS TIME13:43.7507:57.87mp3 | ogg
9FIRST READING Zephaniah 3:14-2021:41.6101:39.00mp3 | ogg
10MORNING OFFERING23:20.6102:12.79mp3 | ogg
11OFFERTORY Bogoroditse Devo (Sergei RachmaNINOV 1873-1943)25:33.4003:08.44mp3 | ogg
13SECOND READING: LUKE 1:39-5530:28.3902:28.68mp3 | ogg
14HYMN 173 MAGNIFICAT32:57.0701:27.87mp3 | ogg
15SERMON A Story of Joy34:24.9314:02.43mp3 | ogg
16PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE48:27.3605:04.53mp3 | ogg
17ANNOUNCEMENTS53:31.8902:00.87mp3 | ogg
18HYMN 169 The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came55:32.7602:01.65mp3 | ogg
19BENEDICTION57:34.4100:36.97mp3 | ogg
20POSTLUDE58:11.3900:59.23mp3 | ogg

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