Sunday 5/6/2018 - Service: A Return to Faith(fulness)

Minister/Presenter: Rev Brent Newberry
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0083:44.65mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE: Rondo Giocoso (Kevin McChesny) Handbells00:00.0004:49.31mp3 | ogg
2INVITATORY: Venite 04:49.3103:19.20mp3 | ogg
3GLORIA PATRI08:08.5101:44.33mp3 | ogg
4PRAYER OF ILLUMINATION09:52.8400:33.20mp3 | ogg
5WELCOME10:26.0401:08.19mp3 | ogg
6MEDLEY OF BAPTIST HYMNS: Blessed Assurance11:34.2302:52.51mp3 | ogg
7When Peace Like a River14:26.7304:33.31mp3 | ogg
8Trust and Obey19:00.0403:19.79mp3 | ogg
9SCRIPTURE: Acts 10:44-48, 1 John 5:1-622:19.8303:42.32mp3 | ogg
10OFFERTORY: All Nature Sings (Brian Childers)-Handbells (Dan Carlo: Flute)26:02.1504:01.88mp3 | ogg
12PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE31:50.7304:07.23mp3 | ogg
13CHILDRENS TIME35:57.9605:40.59mp3 | ogg
14HYMN 473 What a Friend We Have in Jesus41:38.5503:42.31mp3 | ogg
15SERMON: A Return to Faith(fulness) (Rev Brent Newberry)45:20.8514:00.67mp3 | ogg
16HOLY COMMUNION59:21.5210:03.51mp3 | ogg
17ANNOUNCEMENTS69:25.0303:20.09mp3 | ogg
18MUSICAL BENEDICTION72:45.1200:50.97mp3 | ogg
19The Peace of God (John Rutter)73:36.0902:23.77mp3 | ogg
20POSTLUDE: Rain Down75:59.8707:44.79mp3 | ogg

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