Sunday 3/18/2018 - Service: Reflection

Minister/Presenter: Rev Jana Yeaton
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0063:18.93mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE: Rondo Giocoso (Kevin McChesney) Handbells00:00.0004:35.08mp3 | ogg
2LIGHTING the REFLECTION CANDLE04:35.0800:26.08mp3 | ogg
3INVOCATION05:01.1600:52.17mp3 | ogg
4MUSICAL REFLECTION: If Ye Love Me (Thomas Tallis 1505-1585) Clark U Students05:53.3302:17.55mp3 | ogg
5WELCOME-GREETING ONE ANOTHER-HYMN 68 Come Thou Font of Every Blessing08:10.8803:45.28mp3 | ogg
6SCRIPTURE: Jeremiah 31:31-3411:56.1601:27.73mp3 | ogg
7CHORAL PSALM 1: Blessed Is the Man (Jane Marshall)13:23.8903:00.23mp3 | ogg
8GOSPEL:Luke 15:1-716:24.1200:59.28mp3 | ogg
9CHILDREN'S TIME17:23.4003:12.08mp3 | ogg
10OFFERTORY: Gethsemane's Prayer (Sandra Eithun) Handbells20:35.4802:00.95mp3 | ogg
11IMPROVISATION-DOXOLOGY22:36.4302:21.09mp3 | ogg
12PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE24:57.5202:54.29mp3 | ogg
13SERMON (Rev Jana Yeaton) 27:51.8119:13.67mp3 | ogg
14HOLY COMMUNION47:05.4805:37.93mp3 | ogg
15ANTHEM: Remember Not O Lord God (Thomas Tallis) Clark U Students52:43.4104:22.03mp3 | ogg
16PRAYER AFTER COMMUNION57:05.4400:32.01mp3 | ogg
17HYMN 346 O Come To Me, the Master Said (Kingsfold)57:37.4502:51.93mp3 | ogg
18ANNOUNCEMEN60:29.3902:17.53mp3 | ogg
19BENEDICTION62:46.9200:32.01mp3 | ogg

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