Sunday 2/4/2018 - Service: Enduring Exile

Minister/Presenter: Rev Brent Newberry
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0071:10.84mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE: Pracludium in g WV 148 (Dietrich Buxtehude 1613-1707)00:00.0006:15.87mp3 | ogg
2PRAYER OF ILLUMINATION06:15.8700:42.68mp3 | ogg
3HYMN 237 The Hands That First Held Mary's Child (Kingsfold)06:58.5503:31.05mp3 | ogg
4WELCOME - GREETING ONE ANOTHER - Gloria 10:29.6002:17.55mp3 | ogg
5SCRIPTURE: Isaiah 40:21-3112:47.1502:11.60mp3 | ogg
6CHORAL PSALM 147:1-11 (Chant after Luther14:58.7502:53.12mp3 | ogg
7CHILDRENS TI17:51.8704:30.33mp3 | ogg
8OFFERTORY O Saviour of the World (John Goss)22:22.2003:18.01mp3 | ogg
10HYMN 64 God Beyond All Praising (Thaxted)27:29.2902:55.48mp3 | ogg
11SERMON: Enduring Exile30:24.7710:52.13mp3 | ogg
12PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE-Thuma Mina41:16.9105:41.48mp3 | ogg
13HOILY COMMUNION 46:58.3900:50.99mp3 | ogg
14Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist Bux WV 208 (Dieterich Buxtehude)47:49.3703:15.63mp3 | ogg
15Finale from Sonata VI Op65,6 (Felix Mendelssohn) 51:05.0003:36.99mp3 | ogg
16The Lord's Prayer (Tune by Martin Luther)54:41.9901:24.19mp3 | ogg
17ANNOUNCEMENTS56:06.1706:46.09mp3 | ogg
18HYMN 409 God of Our Life62:52.2702:50.75mp3 | ogg
19BENEDICTION65:43.0100:32.31mp3 | ogg
20POSTLUDE: Alleluja Laudem dicite Deo nostro (Heinrich Scheidemann 1596-1663)66:15.3204:55.52mp3 | ogg

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