Sunday 1/14/2018 - Service: Re-Gifting

Minister/Presenter: Rev Brent Newberry
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0073:44.17mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE : Improvisation (Wesley Hall)00:00.0005:32.99mp3 | ogg
2PRAYER OF ILLUMINATION 05:32.9900:36.11mp3 | ogg
3HYMN 230 Oh Morning Star How Fair and Bright06:09.0904:50.87mp3 | ogg
4WELCOME10:59.9601:25.25mp3 | ogg
5GREETING ONE ANOTHER-Gloria12:25.2101:22.25mp3 | ogg
6FIRST READING 1 Samuel 3:1-1013:47.4702:13.40mp3 | ogg
7SECOND READING: John 1: 43-5116:00.8701:46.31mp3 | ogg
8Gordon Hargrove, Director of Friendly House17:47.1707:38.37mp3 | ogg
9MORNING OFFERING-How Brightly Shines the Morning Star (Wesley Hall) 25:25.5502:47.49mp3 | ogg
11 MORNING PRAYER 30:38.4804:26.79mp3 | ogg
12SERMON: Re-Gifting (Rev Brent Newberry) 35:05.2720:01.59mp3 | ogg
13WELCOMING NEW MEMBER-Jana Yeaton55:06.8503:28.61mp3 | ogg
14ANNOUNCEMENTS 58:35.4702:42.48mp3 | ogg
15HYMN: 231 Arise Your Light Is Come 61:17.9501:47.32mp3 | ogg
16BENEDICTION63:05.2700:26.08mp3 | ogg
17POSTLUDE: Improvisation on "How Brightly Shines the Morning Star"63:31.3510:12.83mp3 | ogg

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