Sunday 11/5/2017 - Service: All Hallows,Music for All Saints

Minister/Presenter: WPI & FBC Choirs
Time: 2:55pm


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0077:01.51mp3 | ogg
1INTRODUCTION00:00.0004:06.59mp3 | ogg
2Reverie (Claude Debussy (1862-19104:06.5904:32.72mp3 | ogg
3Apres un reve (Gabriel Faure 1845-1918)08:39.3103:32.96mp3 | ogg
4Lent from Sonata for Violin and Cello (Maurice Ravel 1875-1937)12:12.2708:50.52mp3 | ogg
5Prelude et fugue sur le nom d"Alain (Maurice Durufle 1902-1986)21:02.7910:50.08mp3 | ogg
6INTRODUCTION-DURUFLES REQUIEM31:52.8702:07.03mp3 | ogg
7 Introit33:59.8903:40.43mp3 | ogg
8Kyrie eleison37:40.3203:40.43mp3 | ogg
9Domine Jesu Christie41:20.7508:54.25mp3 | ogg
10 Sanctus50:15.0003:21.75mp3 | ogg
11Pie Jesu53:36.7503:32.96mp3 | ogg
12Agnus Dei57:09.7103:55.37mp3 | ogg
13Lux Aeterna61:05.0804:43.93mp3 | ogg
14Libera Me65:49.0105:54.93mp3 | ogg
15In Paradisum71:43.9505:17.56mp3 | ogg

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