Sunday 4/2/2017 - Service: Awakening- Bones

Minister/Presenter: Rev Michael Harvey
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0058:58.45mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE00:00.0002:30.45mp3 | ogg
2KYRIE (George Oldroyd 1887-1956)02:30.4502:02.59mp3 | ogg
3PRAYER OF CONFESSION04:33.0400:44.59mp3 | ogg
4HYMN 632 When Aimless Violence Takes Those We Love05:17.6303:37.32mp3 | ogg
5WELCOME AND ANNOUNCEMENTS08:54.9504:05.19mp3 | ogg
6FIRST READING Ezekiel 37:1-1413:00.1304:05.19mp3 | ogg
7MORNING OFFERING17:05.3200:33.43mp3 | ogg
8OFERTORY HYMN 503 O God, Your Constant Care and Love17:38.7502:27.67mp3 | ogg
10CHILDRENS TIME22:20.1604:33.04mp3 | ogg
11PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE26:53.2003:03.89mp3 | ogg
12GREAT THANKSGIVING29:57.0900:19.49mp3 | ogg
13CHORAL SANCTUS30:16.5901:18.01mp3 | ogg
14LORD'S PRAYER31:34.6001:23.59mp3 | ogg
15CHORAL AGNUS DEI32:58.1901:04.09mp3 | ogg
16HOLY COMMUNION34:02.2801:52.84mp3 | ogg
17SECOND READING Where the Breath Begins (Jan Richardson)35:55.1201:41.69mp3 | ogg
18SERMON Awakening: Bones (Rev Michael Harvey)37:36.8113:27.99mp3 | ogg
19CHORAL REFLECTION Shall We Gather By the River51:04.8003:31.76mp3 | ogg
20CLOSING-BENEDICTION54:36.5601:16.61mp3 | ogg
21POSTLUDE55:53.1703:05.28mp3 | ogg

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