Sunday 3/5/2017 - Service: Choral Evensong

Minister/Presenter: Trinity Choir of Men & Boys
Time: 4:55pm


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0058:50.03mp3 | ogg
1VOLUNTARY: Air ( Gerre Hancock 1934-2912)00:00.0004:45.29mp3 | ogg
2INTRODUCTION: Wesley Hall 04:45.2901:02.29mp3 | ogg
3INTROIT: Allegri, From the Miserere (Gregorio) 05:47.5905:23.00mp3 | ogg
4PROCESSION11:10.5902:43.96mp3 | ogg
5THE PRECES (Gerre Hancock)13:54.5501:25.27mp3 | ogg
6HYMN: O Gladsome light O Grace (Le Cantique de Simeon)15:19.8102:19.36mp3 | ogg
7CHANT: Psalm 103: 1-14(H Walford Davies)17:39.1704:40.37mp3 | ogg
8FIRST READING: Romans 5: 12-1922:19.5502:21.00mp3 | ogg
9MAGNIFICAT (David Hogan)24:40.5505:00.04mp3 | ogg
10SECOND LESSON: Matthew 4: 1-1129:40.5901:49.85mp3 | ogg
11NUNC DIMITTIS (David Hogan)31:30.4403:05.28mp3 | ogg
12APOSTLES CREED34:35.7201:05.59mp3 | ogg
13THE SALUTATION -THE LESSER LITANY (Gerre Hancock)35:41.3100:14.75mp3 | ogg
14THE35:56.0500:36.08mp3 | ogg
15LORDS PRAYER36:32.1300:55.75mp3 | ogg
16THE SUFFRAGES (Gerre Hancock)37:27.8801:59.68mp3 | ogg
17THE COLLECTS 39:27.5602:40.68mp3 | ogg
18ANTHEM: Deep River (Gerre Hancock)42:08.2403:10.20mp3 | ogg
19THE GENERAL THANKSGIVING45:18.4401:23.61mp3 | ogg
20THE PRAYER & GRACE46:42.0501:48.21mp3 | ogg
21HYMN: Abide With Me (Eventide)48:30.2704:50.21mp3 | ogg
22VOLUNTARY: O Gott,du frommer Gott (Op.122 No7)(Johannes Brahms 1833-1897)53:20.4805:29.55mp3 | ogg

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