Sunday 2/26/2017 - Service: Stories of Transfiguration

Minister/Presenter: Rev Brent Newberry
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0058:08.29mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE00:00.0003:26.17mp3 | ogg
2WELCOME & ANNOUNCEMENTS03:26.1710:07.39mp3 | ogg
3GREETING ONE ANOTHER-Come All Ye People13:33.5602:20.01mp3 | ogg
4OFFERTORY-HYMN 558 The World Is Full of Stories15:53.5703:33.84mp3 | ogg
5A Story of Ascent:Exodus 24:12-1819:27.4101:38.91mp3 | ogg
6A Story of Living-Judgement Day (Mary F>C Pratt)21:06.3202:02.60mp3 | ogg
7HYMN of PRAYER 599: Shadow and Substance23:08.9202:16.52mp3 | ogg
8Musical Story: Improvisation (Wesley Hall)25:25.4403:17.12mp3 | ogg
9CHILDRENS TIME28:42.5604:21.20mp3 | ogg
10HYMN of SEEKING 616: We Meet You O Cgrist (Stanley Beach)33:03.7602:38.81mp3 | ogg
11Story of Stillness: Kings 19:8-1335:42.5702:17.92mp3 | ogg
12Silent Reflection-Story of Grasping38:00.4904:55.33mp3 | ogg
13Story of Becoming (Joy Lapin)42:55.8301:23.59mp3 | ogg
14Story of the Transfiguration Matthew 17:1-944:19.4101:44.48mp3 | ogg
15Story of Hospitality-CELEBRATION OF COMMUNION 46:03.8903:56.83mp3 | ogg
16ANTHEM: Total Praise (Richard Smallwood)50:00.7206:11.96mp3 | ogg
17POSTLUDE56:12.6801:55.61mp3 | ogg

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