Sunday 12/25/2016 - Service: Worcester

Minister/Presenter: Ecumenical Christmas Service
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0076:49.20mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE00:00.0006:20.12mp3 | ogg
2COLLECT (Rev Andrew Borden)06:20.1201:06.21mp3 | ogg
3WELCOME (Rev Brent Newberry)07:26.3300:49.04mp3 | ogg
4HYMN 182: O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles)08:15.3703:18.64mp3 | ogg
5FIRST READING: For the Time Being (WH Auden) (Rev Elizabeth Clinkscales)11:34.0101:57.72mp3 | ogg
6REFLECTION (Rev Brent Newberry)13:31.7303:49.29mp3 | ogg
7HYMN 185: Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Mendelssohn)17:21.0303:29.68mp3 | ogg
8SECOND READING: The Magnificat-Luke 1:46-55 (Rev Cheryl Leshay)20:50.7101:29.51mp3 | ogg
9REFLECTION (Rev Aaron Payson) 22:20.2105:28.61mp3 | ogg
10HYMN 179: Joy To the World (Antioch)27:48.8302:29.60mp3 | ogg
11THIRD READING: John 1:1-14 (Christiana Arrey)30:18.4301:56.48mp3 | ogg
12REFLECTION (Rev TJ DeMarco32:14.9106:45.87mp3 | ogg
13SPECIAL MUSIC: Mary Did You Know (Stephanie Harv39:00.7703:35.81mp3 | ogg
14FOURTH READING: Luke 2:1-20 (Adam Hanks)42:36.5902:36.95mp3 | ogg
15HYMN 188: Angels We Have Heard On High (Gloria)45:13.5303:01.48mp3 | ogg
16RELECTION (Rev Andrew Borden)48:15.0103:39.48mp3 | ogg
17MORNING OFFERING51:54.4900:19.63mp3 | ogg
18OFFERTORY: GESU BAMBINO (Pietro Yon 1886-1943) (Jennifer Nodelman)52:14.1203:59.11mp3 | ogg
19PRAYER OF DEDICATION56:13.2300:36.79mp3 | ogg
20FIFTH READING: Galations 4:4-5 (Jennifer Nodelman)56:50.0100:25.75mp3 | ogg
21REFLECTION (Rev Gary Shahinian)57:15.7605:09.00mp3 | ogg
22HYMN 218: Go Tell It On the Mountain62:24.7602:34.49mp3 | ogg
23BENEDICTION64:59.2500:31.88mp3 | ogg
24O Holy Night65:31.1302:03.84mp3 | ogg
25POSTLUDE67:34.9709:14.23mp3 | ogg

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