Friday 12/16/2016 - Service

Time: 6:44pm


AllListen to Entire Service00:08.2163:11.92mp3 | ogg
1Welcome-Introduction (John Minott)00:08.2103:49.81mp3 | ogg
2Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Sing Along)03:58.0303:33.40mp3 | ogg
3What Child Is This (Mass Choir) (Conductor Kristjon Imperio)07:31.4303:23.13mp3 | ogg
4John Minot10:54.5601:32.33mp3 | ogg
5Christmas Pastorale (Michael Herlman)(First Baptist Handbells)12:26.8904:47.27mp3 | ogg
6Shepherd's Jubilee (Michael Helman)(Fisrt Baptist Handbells)17:14.1603:55.97mp3 | ogg
7John Minot21:10.1300:38.99mp3 | ogg
8Coventry Carol- (Arr Susan T Nelson)- Solo (Mindy John Imperio) 21:49.1202:44.15mp3 | ogg
9John Mino24:33.2700:59.51mp3 | ogg
10Now the Green Blade Riseth (Arr Kevin McChesney) Village Bell Ringers, Whitinsville Congregational Church25:32.7702:29.80mp3 | ogg
11Joy and Celebration (Afdahl)-Village Bell Ringers, Whitinsville Congragational Church)28:02.5704:55.47mp3 | ogg
12John Minot32:58.0401:38.49mp3 | ogg
13O Come, O Come Emanuel (Kevin Bryant)-Chancel Ringers (West Boylston Congregational Church)34:36.5304:47.27mp3 | ogg
14Bring A Torch, Jeanette Isabella-Chancel Ringers (West Boylston Congregational Church)39:23.8004:39.07mp3 | ogg
15O Come AllnYe Faithful (Sing Along)44:02.8705:11.88mp3 | ogg
16Christmas Bell Medley (Arr Christine D Anderson) (Mindy Jones Imperio)49:14.7505:52.93mp3 | ogg
17On This Day Earth Shall Ring (Michael Helman) (Mass Choir)55:07.6804:02.12mp3 | ogg
18Silent Night (Franz Gruber) (Sing Along)59:09.8003:08.79mp3 | ogg
19John Minot62:18.5901:01.55mp3 | ogg

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