Sunday 12/11/2016 - Service

Minister/Presenter: Evensong
Time: 4:01pm


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0074:40.40mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE: Suite Breve (Jean Langlais 1907-1991)00:00.0003:52.21mp3 | ogg
2CAROL: Once In Rayal David's City03:52.2105:33.01mp3 | ogg
3BIDDING PRAYER - LORDS PRAYERc(Rev Brent Nerwberry)09:25.2300:59.40mp3 | ogg
4WELCOME10:24.6300:25.20mp3 | ogg
5OFFERTORY: Improvisation on Veni Veni Emmanuel10:49.8303:03.61mp3 | ogg
6FIRST LESSON:Genesis 3:8-19-The fall13:53.4402:38.41mp3 | ogg
7CAROL: Adam Lay Ybounden (Boris Ord 1897-1962)16:31.8501:15.60mp3 | ogg
8SECOND LESSON: Genesis 22:15-18-The Promise17:47.4500:59.40mp3 | ogg
9CONGREGATIONAL CAROL:O Come ,O Come Emmanuel18:46.8503:12.61mp3 | ogg
10THIRD LESSON: Isaiah 9:2; 6-7-The Great Light21:59.4701:13.80mp3 | ogg
11CAROL: Surge illuminare (Chambridge Chant)23:13.2702:46.51mp3 | ogg
12CAROL: O Radiant Dawn (James MacMillan 1959-)25:59.7703:29.71mp3 | ogg
13FOURTH LESSON: Isaiah 11:1-3a;4a;6-9-The Springing Forth29:29.4801:39.01mp3 | ogg
14CAROL: Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming31:08.4903:30.60mp3 | ogg
15FIFTH LESSON: Luke 1:26-35;38-The Salutation34:39.0901:55.21mp3 | ogg
16CAROL: Magnificat in C (Ralph Vaughan Williams 1872-1958)36:34.3103:08.11mp3 | ogg
17SIXTH LESSON: Luke 2:1; 3-7-The birth39:42.4101:06.60mp3 | ogg
18CAROL: Wachet auf,ruft uns die Stimme (JS Bach 1685-1750)40:49.0101:56.11mp3 | ogg
19CONGREGATIONAL CAROL: O Come All Ye Faithful42:45.1203:13.51mp3 | ogg
20SEVENTH LESSON: Luke 2:8-16- The visit45:58.6301:48.91mp3 | ogg
21CAROL: Navity Carol (John Rutter 1945-)47:47.5303:46.81mp3 | ogg
22EIGHTH LESSON: Matthew 2;1-12- The star51:34.3502:11.40mp3 | ogg
23CAROL: How Brightly Shines the Morningstar (Johann Kuhnau 1660-1753:45.7502:11.41mp3 | ogg
24NINTH LESSON: John 1: 1-14 -The Mystery55:57.1601:58.80mp3 | ogg
25CAROL: O Magnum Mysterium (Morten Lauridsen 1943)57:55.9604:51.61mp3 | ogg
26BENEDICTION 62:47.5700:21.60mp3 | ogg
27RECESSIIONAL CAROL: Away In a Manger63:09.1702:51.92mp3 | ogg
28Silent Night66:01.0902:01.51mp3 | ogg
29POSTLUDE68:02.6006:37.80mp3 | ogg

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