Sunday 10/16/2016 - Service: You are Not Alone-You are Loved

Minister/Presenter: Rev Brent Newberry
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0072:34.77mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE00:00.0005:10.40mp3 | ogg
2LITANY OF SAFE KEEPING05:10.4000:46.32mp3 | ogg
3WELCOME and ANNOUNCEMENTS05:56.7203:00.68mp3 | ogg
4HYMN 412 He Comes to Us As One Unknown08:57.4003:53.95mp3 | ogg
5PASTORAL PRAYER12:51.3503:53.96mp3 | ogg
6A SONG OF CHRIST'S GOODNESS 16:45.3102:14.35mp3 | ogg
7REFLECTION-You Are Not Alone-God Is With You18:59.6506:19.89mp3 | ogg
8A SONG OF CHRIST'S GOODNESS25:19.5501:55.81mp3 | ogg
9REFLECTION- You Are Not Alone-God Is With You27:15.3609:29.83mp3 | ogg
10A SONG OF CHRIST'S GOODNESS36:45.1902:05.09mp3 | ogg
11REFLECTION-Rev Brent Newberry38:50.2807:10.84mp3 | ogg
12PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE46:01.1203:09.95mp3 | ogg
13LITANY OF AFFIRMATION49:11.0701:04.85mp3 | ogg
14OFFERTORY ANTHEM-Walk Softly Upon The Earth (Alfred V> Feda50:15.9202:44.47mp3 | ogg
165o YEAR MEMBER RECOGNITION54:00.6105:15.03mp3 | ogg
17HYMN 451 Be Still My Soul (Finlandia)59:15.6404:19.43mp3 | ogg
18BENEDICTION63:35.0700:57.91mp3 | ogg
19POSTLUDE64:32.9708:01.80mp3 | ogg

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