Sunday 6/28/2015 - Service: William Ness

Minister/Presenter: Brian Dixon
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:21.8792:21.93mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE-Praise to the Lord BWV650 (JS Bach)00:21.8702:45.17mp3 | ogg
2Cantabile in B Major (Cesar Franck 1822-1890)03:07.0404:53.92mp3 | ogg
3Toccata in Seven (John Rutter 1945-)08:00.9602:03.88mp3 | ogg
4HYMN 71-Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (Lobe Den Herren)10:04.8403:14.33mp3 | ogg
6WELCOME and ANNOUNCEMENTS17:02.6402:47.61mp3 | ogg
7GREETING ONE ANOTHER19:50.2501:56.59mp3 | ogg
8CELEBRATING CHILDREN21:46.8404:22.35mp3 | ogg
9HOLY SCRIPTURE-Deuteronomy 31:30-32:7, Psalm 146, Luke 4:16-2226:09.1905:10.92mp3 | ogg
10ANTHEMN-Psalm 150 (Cesar Franck)31:20.1105:06.07mp3 | ogg
11CHORAL CALL TO PRAYER-Psalm 13836:26.1701:21.37mp3 | ogg
12PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE37:47.5506:22.59mp3 | ogg
13OFFERTORY-Siciliano from Sonata #2, BWV1031 (JS Bach)44:10.1301:52.95mp3 | ogg
14IMPROVISATION-DOXOLOGY-46:03.0801:03.16mp3 | ogg
15PRAYER OF DEDICATION47:06.2400:59.51mp3 | ogg
16HYMN 470-Dear Lord and Father of Mankind (Repton)48:05.7503:28.91mp3 | ogg
17HONORING WILLIAM NESS51:34.6518:24.01mp3 | ogg
18SOLO-He Has the Whole World in His Hands69:58.6702:43.96mp3 | ogg
19Words by Brian Dixon72:42.6308:05.81mp3 | ogg
20HYMN 7-When In Our Music God Is Glorified (Engelberg)80:48.4402:45.19mp3 | ogg
21CHORAL BENEDICTION-A Gaelic Blessing (John Rutter) 83:33.6301:51.73mp3 | ogg
22POSTLUDE-Fugue in Eb Major,BWV552/2(JS Bach)85:25.3607:18.44mp3 | ogg

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