Sunday 12/14/2014 - Choral Evensong

Minister/Presenter: FBC-Worc
Time: 3:46pm


AllListen to Entire Service00:01.9295:43.77mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE - O Come All Ye Faithful (David Cherwein (1957-)00:01.9203:27.56mp3 | ogg
2La Nativite (Jean Langlais (1907-1991)03:29.4804:55.96mp3 | ogg
3Intermezzo for Violin and Organ(Peter Mathews 1944-)08:25.4404:38.65mp3 | ogg
4We Three Kings (Adrian Mann 1953-)13:04.0900:00.00mp3 | ogg
513:04.0902:03.00mp3 | ogg
6PROCESSIONAL CAROL - Once In Royal David's City (Irby)15:07.0905:40.16mp3 | ogg
7THE BIDDING PRAYER20:47.2503:54.45mp3 | ogg
8OFFERTORY What Sweeter Music (John Rutter 1945-)24:41.7104:23.29mp3 | ogg
9THE FIRST LESSON-Genesis 329:05.0001:41.85mp3 | ogg
10CAROL-Wexford Carol (Peter Niedmann 1960-)30:46.8505:11.33mp3 | ogg
11SECOND LESSON - Gegesis 2235:58.1900:44.20mp3 | ogg
12CAROL In Night's Dim Shadwos Lying - George Guest 1924-2002)36:42.3902:29.89mp3 | ogg
13THIRD LESSON -Isaiah 939:12.2801:55.31mp3 | ogg
14 CAROL-Isaiah's Voice (John Ferguson 1941-)41:07.5903:37.17mp3 | ogg
15CAROL-Long Ago Prophets Knew (Personent Hodie)44:44.7602:15.60mp3 | ogg
16LESSION FOUR-Isaiah 1147:00.3601:50.39mp3 | ogg
17CAROL-There Is A Flower Sprung of a Tree (Stanley Vann 1910-2010)48:50.7504:16.08mp3 | ogg
18FIFTH LESSON-Luke 153:06.8302:00.60mp3 | ogg
19CAROL-Gabriel To Mary Came (David Wilcocks 1919-)55:07.4302:50.56mp3 | ogg
20SIXTH LESSON-Matthew 157:57.9901:30.80mp3 | ogg
21CAROL-Christmas Songs of the Nuns of Chester (James Bringham 1945-)59:28.7904:21.36mp3 | ogg
22CAROL-When Came In Flesh (George Guest)63:50.1503:53.03mp3 | ogg
23CAROL-O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles)67:43.1705:19.97mp3 | ogg
24SEVENTH LESSON-Luke 273:03.1501:48.59mp3 | ogg
25CAROL-Lullaby For The Holy Child (Fredc Gramann 1950-)74:51.7302:46.72mp3 | ogg
26EIGHTH LESSON-John 177:38.4502:21.72mp3 | ogg
27h80:00.1700:00.00mp3 | ogg
28CAROL-O Magnum Mysterium (Morton Lauridsen 1943-) 80:00.1704:46.84mp3 | ogg
29BEBEDICTION-SHARING CHRIST'S LIGHT84:47.0100:50.44mp3 | ogg
30RECESSIONAL CAROL-It Came Upon A Midnight Clear85:37.4506:19.08mp3 | ogg
31Silent Night91:56.5301:02.45mp3 | ogg
32POSTLUDE-He Is Born, The Divine Infant (Dale Wood 1934-2003)92:58.9902:46.71mp3 | ogg

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