Sunday 12/8/2013 - Choral Evensong

Minister/Presenter: FBC-Worc
Time: 3:51pm


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0087:20.93mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE- Two Settings of VomHimmel hoch (Johann Walther 1684-1748)00:00.0004:30.01mp3 | ogg
2Three Advent Carols for Flute and Organ - Sarah Sams04:30.0105:21.35mp3 | ogg
3Low How a Rose E'er Blooming (Susan McDonald (1935-)-Lira Cady-Harp09:51.3602:40.67mp3 | ogg
4PROCESSIONAL CAROL - Once in Royal David's City12:32.0305:36.57mp3 | ogg
5THE BIDDING PRAYER-LORD'S PRAYER18:08.6002:30.21mp3 | ogg
6OFFERTORY - What Sweeter Music (John Rutter -1945-)20:38.8104:25.25mp3 | ogg
7FIRST LESSON-Genesis 325:04.0701:19.87mp3 | ogg
8CAROL-This Is the Truth Sent from Above (Ralph Vaughan Williams 1872-1958)26:23.9302:44.47mp3 | ogg
9SECOND LESSON -Genesis 2229:08.4000:47.55mp3 | ogg
10CAROL- O Thou Central Orb (Charles Wood)29:55.9503:31.05mp3 | ogg
11THIRD LESSON -Isaiah 933:27.0001:36.03mp3 | ogg
12CAROL- There Is No Rose (Creemony of Carols) - (Benjamin Britten 1913-1976)35:03.0302:38.77mp3 | ogg
13FOURTH LESSON-Isaiah 1137:41.8002:15.01mp3 | ogg
14CAROL On Jordan's Banks the Baptist's Cry (Puer Nobis)39:56.8102:24.51mp3 | ogg
15FIFTH LESSON -Luke 142:21.3201:59.32mp3 | ogg
16CAROL- As Dew In Aprille (Ceremony of Carols)-(Benjamen Britten)44:20.6401:09.88mp3 | ogg
17Interlude for Harp (Ceremony of Carols)45:30.5203:48.65mp3 | ogg
18SIXTH LESSON -Mathew 149:19.1701:26.99mp3 | ogg
19CAROL- Nativity Carol (John Rutter 1945-)50:46.1604:09.57mp3 | ogg
20CAROL -O Come All Ye Faithful54:55.7305:13.73mp3 | ogg
21SEVENTH LESSON - Luke 2 60:09.4702:07.40mp3 | ogg
22CAROL- Shepherd's Pipe Carol (John Rutter)62:16.8703:25.84mp3 | ogg
23EIGTH LESSON -John 1 65:42.7101:54.56mp3 | ogg
24CAROL -The Snow Lay On the Ground (Howard Helvey 1968-)67:37.2704:30.49mp3 | ogg
25CAROL- O Magnum Mysterium(Mortoe Lauridsen 1943-)72:07.7605:08.99mp3 | ogg
26BENEDICTION77:16.7500:38.03mp3 | ogg
27RECESSIONAL CAROL -It Came Upon a Midnight Clear77:54.7705:26.11mp3 | ogg
28RESPONSE -Silent Night83:20.8801:50.76mp3 | ogg
29POSTLUDE - Low How a Rose E'er Blooming Op 122 (Wolgang Rubsam 1946-)85:11.6402:09.29mp3 | ogg

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