Sunday 10/24/2010 - Service: Living the Way

Minister/Presenter: Congregation
Time: 10:00am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.00100:42.29mp3 | ogg
1Introduction00:00.0002:25.29mp3 | ogg
2Greeting One Another02:25.2902:25.37mp3 | ogg
3Call to Worship04:50.6702:39.71mp3 | ogg
4Children's Message07:30.3701:54.59mp3 | ogg
5Handbells: Canticle of Praise09:24.9603:05.96mp3 | ogg
6Scripture Reading12:30.9201:53.79mp3 | ogg
7Inclusion - Members of the congregation14:24.7106:18.03mp3 | ogg
8Women's Chorus: You are the God of New Beginnings20:42.7302:33.44mp3 | ogg
9Freedom of Faith - Members of the congregation23:16.1715:52.67mp3 | ogg
10Hymn 596: Help Us Accept Each Other39:08.8401:51.08mp3 | ogg
11Prayers40:59.9209:08.89mp3 | ogg
12Piano: Consolation in #3 D flat major Liszt50:08.8104:36.04mp3 | ogg
13Scripture Reading54:44.8502:09.39mp3 | ogg
14Hymn 614: Let There Be Peace on Earth56:54.2401:36.57mp3 | ogg
15Love and Service - Members of the congregation58:30.8113:01.64mp3 | ogg
16Hymn 397: The Gift of Love71:32.4502:11.24mp3 | ogg
17The Offering of Our Gifts, and Offertory Handbells: In Quietness and Confidence73:43.6905:36.59mp3 | ogg
18Women's Chorus: Angels Bright and Ever Fair79:20.2803:19.79mp3 | ogg
19Spiritual Growth - Members of the congregation82:40.0707:33.81mp3 | ogg
20Hymn: We Rejoice to be God's Chosen90:13.8801:55.27mp3 | ogg
21Children Return92:09.1501:00.47mp3 | ogg
22Announcements93:09.6103:19.76mp3 | ogg
23Closing Prayer96:29.3700:50.45mp3 | ogg
24Benediction97:19.8300:26.33mp3 | ogg
25Postlude97:46.1602:56.13mp3 | ogg

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