Sunday 8/8/2010 - Service: Isn't God Grand!

Minister/Presenter: George McDermott
Time: 10:00am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0056:49.29mp3 | ogg
1Prelude: American Tapestry00:00.0001:32.92mp3 | ogg
2Opening Hymn 6: Let the Whole Create01:32.9202:26.72mp3 | ogg
3Call to Worship, and Invocation03:59.6402:15.28mp3 | ogg
4Welcome and Announcements06:14.9203:14.16mp3 | ogg
5Solo: Music for Six Saxophones and Six Pianos, Movement II09:29.0807:49.43mp3 | ogg
6Scripture Reading: Luke 12:21-3217:18.5102:05.57mp3 | ogg
7Children's Message19:24.0804:30.51mp3 | ogg
8Sermon: Isn't God Grand!23:54.5918:46.12mp3 | ogg
9Hymn: Have No Fear42:40.7101:35.53mp3 | ogg
10The Offering of Our Prayers44:16.2404:21.68mp3 | ogg
11The Offering of Our Gifts, and Offertory: Fughetta in G Major, BWV 90248:37.9204:03.77mp3 | ogg
12Closing Hymn 667: God Has Spoken by the Prophets52:41.6901:49.23mp3 | ogg
13Benediction54:30.9200:30.29mp3 | ogg
14Postlude: Joy Eternal55:01.2101:48.08mp3 | ogg

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