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Embodied Stories: Promise

For Jeremiah, the work of a prophet was much more than just laying down spiritual mulch to freshen up what was already rooted. For Jeremiah, for Jesus in our Gospel reading, for any person called to the work of being prophetic, it is about uprooting, plucking up, overthrowing, tearing down whatever stands in the way of true beauty and goodness and fairness and the opportunities for everyone to flourish

A Story of Love 12-23-18

Sunday, December 23, 2018 Fourth Sunday of AdventRev. Brent Newberry Tis the season of decorated trees and decked out sanctuaries. Fireplaces aglow, carols and presents and cookies on hand. Even familiar Scriptures like today’s warm our hearts with their familiarity and hope. Were we to have read the surrounding chapters of Micah’s text this morning,…