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Sermons by Brent Newberry

Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

The female disciples bore witness; they showed it to be true, that Jesus’ aliveness existed. And they were compelling enough that people eventually listened, whether to them or to the male disciples. And the stories of others who bore witness to the Risen Christ only grew in number, as they witnessed him in person, until a new movement was born, one that almost every one of the disciples would eventually die for.

Embodied Stories: Promise

For Jeremiah, the work of a prophet was much more than just laying down spiritual mulch to freshen up what was already rooted. For Jeremiah, for Jesus in our Gospel reading, for any person called to the work of being prophetic, it is about uprooting, plucking up, overthrowing, tearing down whatever stands in the way of true beauty and goodness and fairness and the opportunities for everyone to flourish