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Thank you for visiting the website of the First Baptist Church of Worcester; and welcome! Do explore this website in order to gain insight into who we are. In our midst are to be found folks from all across the broad spectrum of Christianity. We are a diverse, multi-national community of faith. We are committed to being a welcoming and affirming church community. All are welcome here.

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The best way to learn about us, of course, is to attend our ministries on a Sunday morning. The service of worship plays a vital role in spiritual formation. Our service of worship is preceded by a number of educational activities. Various other opportunities follow the service. So, Sunday morning affords a fine opportunity to learn about us and we’d be blessed toget to know you.

First Baptist Church continues to be a vital part of the greater Worcester community, some 200 years after its founding. The earliest Baptists in the United States promoted separation of state and church. They also advocated for freedom of religious conscience and the right of a local church to be self- governing. These historic principles are at the core of who we are. The church is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA. That said, we very well know God is not confined within any particular tradition.

A warm welcome awaits you here.

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Welcome to our church! We are glad you are visiting with us today.

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