An American Baptist Church
A Welcoming and Affirming Church, A Safe Space For All

We offer a variety of experiences for everyone to grow in faith at First Baptist Church. From Church School for kids to Bibles and Bagels and Forums for adults, Sundays offer many opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations and active learning. Family events, Lenten study programs and seminars also offer weekday learning and fellowship opportunities.

Our Legacy of Christian Education

First Baptist Church has a long history of being in the forefront of Christian Education programming. The Reverend Jonathan Going established the first Sunday School program in Worcester in 1819. The first Infant Class in the city was organized here as well. When FBC appointed Prof. Albert E. Bailey as Director of Religious Education, it became one of the first churches in the country to recognize the importance of such a position. On a statewide level, the Church has been among the leaders by helping to establish Grotonwood Camp in 1956, and continuing to contribute to its maintenance, together with that of Oceanwood Camp in Ocean Park, Maine.

A spacious addition to our edifice completed in 1959 that contains ten classrooms, the Davis Chapel and Stoddard Hall, has continued the tradition established by the Church as the first in Worcester to allocate large areas of its church building to educational activities. Today this space houses the First Friends Daycare.