Sunday 12/7/2014 - Service: Making for Peace

Minister/Presenter: Rev Brian Dixon
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0085:15.03mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE Savior of tghe Nations Come (Wolfgang Rubsam 1946-)00:00.0002:29.91mp3 | ogg
2PRELUDE Solemn Prelude on Veni Emmanuel (Richard Purvis 1923-1994)02:29.9104:10.49mp3 | ogg
3HYMN 154 O Come,O Come, Emmanuel (Veni Emmanuel)06:40.4003:19.25mp3 | ogg
4LIGHTING OF THE ADVENT CANDLE09:59.6500:36.05mp3 | ogg
6WELCOME-HIGHLIGHTS of CHURCH LIFE13:35.9705:46.32mp3 | ogg
7CELEBRATION OF THE CHILDREN19:22.2903:39.17mp3 | ogg
8YOUTH ANTHEM Welcome the Babe (Natalie Sleeth 1930-199223:01.4701:31.09mp3 | ogg
9CHORAL CALL TO PRAYER24:32.5600:49.33mp3 | ogg
10PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE25:21.8905:57.69mp3 | ogg
11THE OFFERING OF OUR GIFTS31:19.5900:18.99mp3 | ogg
12OFFERTORY ANTHEM - O Pray For the Peace of Jerusalem (John Goss 1800-1880)31:38.5703:37.28mp3 | ogg
13IMPROVISATION-DOXOLOGY35:15.8501:20.64mp3 | ogg
14PRAYER OF DEDICATION36:36.4900:53.13mp3 | ogg
15HOLY SCRIPTURE- Isaiah 40:1-11, Psalm 85, Matthew 5:1-1237:29.6305:31.13mp3 | ogg
16SERMON Making for Peace-Rev Brian Dixon43:00.7617:28.44mp3 | ogg
17HYMN 158 Blessed Be the God of Israel (Merle'sTune)60:29.2002:20.43mp3 | ogg
18SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION62:49.6305:11.20mp3 | ogg
19Sanctus (JS Bach 1685-1750)68:00.8301:30.15mp3 | ogg
20Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (Stephen Cleobury 1948-)69:30.9703:30.63mp3 | ogg
21The body of Jesus73:01.6000:13.29mp3 | ogg
22How Lovely are the Messengers (Felix Mendelssohn 1809-1847)73:14.8903:16.40mp3 | ogg
23The Blood of Jesus76:31.2900:11.39mp3 | ogg
24Concluding Prayer76:42.6800:55.97mp3 | ogg
25HYMN 180 O Little Town of Bethlehem (St Louis)77:38.6503:03.12mp3 | ogg
26BEBEDICTION80:41.7701:32.04mp3 | ogg
27POSTLUDE O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Edward Wetherill (1927-1990)82:13.8103:01.21mp3 | ogg

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