Sunday 5/4/2014 - Service: ANTHEM COMPETITION

Minister/Presenter: Rev Thomas McKibbens
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0072:36.68mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE Selections by Worcester Hills Recorder Society00:00.0006:21.11mp3 | ogg
2HYMN 7 When In Our Music God Is Glorified (Engelberg)06:21.1102:42.51mp3 | ogg
4GLORIA PATRI10:54.8500:40.63mp3 | ogg
5WELCOME AND ANNOUNCEMENTS11:35.4800:40.63mp3 | ogg
6INTRODUCTION of ANTHEM COMPETITION WINNER (Steven Seigart) by William Ness12:16.1102:33.80mp3 | ogg
7 ANNOUNCEMENT of YOUTH ACTIVITIES-Catherine Allard 14:49.9103:46.35mp3 | ogg
8RECOGNITION OF VOLUNTEERS18:36.2504:10.53mp3 | ogg
9GREETING ONE ANOTHER-Great Is Thy Faithfullness22:46.7900:40.63mp3 | ogg
10CELEBRATION OF THE CHILDREN23:27.4102:50.24mp3 | ogg
11CHORAL PRAYER FOR MUSICIANS-Robert Powell (1932-)26:17.6502:01.88mp3 | ogg
12PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE28:19.5302:56.04mp3 | ogg
13COMPETITION ANTHEM - Rejoice In the Lord Always (Steven Seigart 1990-)31:15.5703:43.45mp3 | ogg
14THE OFFERING OF OUR GIFTS34:59.0300:16.44mp3 | ogg
15OFFERTORY-Flute and Organ35:15.4703:32.80mp3 | ogg
16IMPROVISATION-DOXOLOGY38:48.2701:53.17mp3 | ogg
17PRAYER OF DEDICATION40:41.4400:42.56mp3 | ogg
18SCRIPTURE - John 14:25-2741:24.0001:14.49mp3 | ogg
19COMMUNION MEDITATION - The Closest Blessing - Rev Thomas McKibbens42:38.4910:17.12mp3 | ogg
20Sing a New Church (Nettleton)52:55.6102:54.12mp3 | ogg
21SERVICE OF COMMUNION 55:49.7302:36.69mp3 | ogg
22Sanctus(Alec Wyton 1921-2007)58:26.4301:07.72mp3 | ogg
23Prayer of Thanksgiving59:34.1500:44.49mp3 | ogg
24Fill Us,Lord (Eleanor Daley 1955-)60:18.6404:04.72mp3 | ogg
25Prayer64:23.3600:39.67mp3 | ogg
26PASSING THE PEACE OF CHRIST-Blest Be the Tie that Binds65:03.0300:33.85mp3 | ogg
27Prayer65:36.8800:18.37mp3 | ogg
28HYMN 275 An Upper Room Did Our Lord Prepare (O Waly Waly)65:55.2501:58.99mp3 | ogg
29Recognition of Rev Warren Jones67:54.2401:15.44mp3 | ogg
30BENEDICTION69:09.6800:34.83mp3 | ogg
31POSTLUDE-Selections by Flute Trio-Anna Maria College69:44.5102:52.17mp3 | ogg

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