Sunday 4/20/2014 - Service: EASTER SUNDAY-Savior at Large

Minister/Presenter: Thomas McKibbens
Time: 9:55am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0075:58.09mp3 | ogg
1PRELUDE Finale from Symphony #2 (Gustav Mahler-1860-1911)00:00.0006:39.01mp3 | ogg
2HYMN Christ the Lord Is Risen Today06:39.0104:26.13mp3 | ogg
4GLORIA PATRI12:44.9900:34.20mp3 | ogg
5WELCOME and ANNOUNCEMENTS13:19.1902:45.12mp3 | ogg
6GREETING ONE ANOTHER- I Serve A Risen Savior16:04.3101:54.23mp3 | ogg
7CELEBRATION OF THE CHILDREN17:58.5303:43.39mp3 | ogg
8SCRIPTURE John 20:1-1821:41.9203:21.25mp3 | ogg
9ANTHEM Joy to the Heart (K Lee Scott 1950-)25:03.1705:59.39mp3 | ogg
10SERMON Savior at Large -Rev Thomas R McKibbens31:02.5616:41.21mp3 | ogg
11HYMN 287 Lift High the Cross (Crucifer)47:43.7703:44.95mp3 | ogg
12PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE51:28.7203:58.95mp3 | ogg
13CHORAL PRAYER RESPONSE55:27.6700:26.80mp3 | ogg
14THE OFFERING OF OUR GIFTS55:54.4700:05.44mp3 | ogg
15OFFERTORY Hallelujah from the Christ on the Mount of Olives (Beethoven 1770-1827)55:59.9104:19.92mp3 | ogg
16IMPROVISATION-DOXOLOGY60:19.8300:55.17mp3 | ogg
17PRAYER OF DEDICATION61:15.0000:26.41mp3 | ogg
18HYMN 310 Thine Is the Glory (Judas Macabeus)61:41.4104:51.39mp3 | ogg
19BENEDICTION66:32.8000:21.37mp3 | ogg
20HALLELUJAH CHORUS (George Handel 1685-1759)66:54.1704:11.37mp3 | ogg
21POSTLUDE Grand Choeur Dialogue (Eugene Gigout 1844-1925)71:05.5504:52.55mp3 | ogg

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