Sunday 4/14/2013 - Service: Encore!

Minister/Presenter: Thomas R. McKibbens
Time: 9:50am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0063:20.52mp3 | ogg
1Prelude: Christ is Risen, BWV 62700:00.0004:27.61mp3 | ogg
2Hymn 623: The Church of Christ in Every Age04:30.5303:13.49mp3 | ogg
3Call to Worship, and Invocation07:44.0301:50.41mp3 | ogg
4Welcome and Announcements09:34.4403:42.33mp3 | ogg
5Greeting One Another13:16.7703:13.69mp3 | ogg
6Celebration of the Children16:30.4703:24.97mp3 | ogg
7Anthem: Take Peace20:02.6404:45.88mp3 | ogg
8Scripture Reading: John 21: 1-1924:49.4004:07.97mp3 | ogg
9Sermon: Encore!28:57.3716:56.51mp3 | ogg
10Hymn 470: Dear Lord and Father of Mankind45:58.4503:18.81mp3 | ogg
11Prayers of the People49:17.2704:16.65mp3 | ogg
12The Offering of Our Gifts, and Offertory: Adagio, BWV 56453:33.9204:54.04mp3 | ogg
13Hymn 345: Jesus Calls Us o’er the Tumult58:27.9602:01.12mp3 | ogg
14Benediction60:29.0800:29.71mp3 | ogg
15Postlude: Song of Peace60:58.7902:21.73mp3 | ogg

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