Sunday 7/12/2009 - Service: Images of Holiness

Minister/Presenter: Diane Kessler
Time: 10:00am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0063:29.17mp3 | ogg
1Prelude: Second Benedictus00:00.0006:37.07mp3 | ogg
2Hymn 31: I Sing the Almighty Power of God06:37.0702:31.36mp3 | ogg
3Call to Worship, and Invocation09:08.4302:14.76mp3 | ogg
4Welcome and Announcements11:23.1903:34.00mp3 | ogg
5Scripture Reading: Matthew 21:28-32, Philippians 2:1-1314:57.1903:27.29mp3 | ogg
6Anthem: Guide My Feet, Lord18:24.4802:47.23mp3 | ogg
7Children's Message21:11.7106:23.57mp3 | ogg
8Sermon: Images of Holiness27:35.2816:00.64mp3 | ogg
9Hymn 580: We Are Called to Be God's People43:35.9203:07.33mp3 | ogg
10The Offering of Our Prayers46:43.2502:56.47mp3 | ogg
11The Offering of Our Gifts, and Offertory: Poco Adagio from "Symphony no. 3 in C minor"49:39.7208:36.35mp3 | ogg
12Closing Hymn 453: Christ Be My Leader58:16.0702:05.41mp3 | ogg
13Benediction60:21.4800:38.88mp3 | ogg
14Postlude: Prelude in Bb Major, Op. 16, no. 261:00.3602:28.81mp3 | ogg

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