Sunday 4/5/2009 - Service: A Symphony of Meaning

Minister/Presenter: Thomas R. McKibbens
Time: 10:00am


AllListen to Entire Service00:04.6787:40.16mp3 | ogg
1Preludes on Two African-American Spirituals: Steal Away to Jesus, Ride On King Jesus00:04.6707:29.24mp3 | ogg
2Processional Hymn 265: All Glory, Laud and Honor07:33.9103:53.08mp3 | ogg
3Call to Worship, and Invocation11:26.9902:29.97mp3 | ogg
4A Service of Baptism13:56.9610:27.29mp3 | ogg
5Hymn 679: Baptized in Water24:24.2501:50.57mp3 | ogg
6Welcome and Announcements26:14.8302:01.25mp3 | ogg
7Children's Message28:16.0804:58.16mp3 | ogg
8The Offering of Our Prayers33:14.2403:43.77mp3 | ogg
9The Offering of Our Gifts, and Offertory: Ride On in Majesty36:58.0106:22.44mp3 | ogg
10Children's Anthem43:20.4502:14.53mp3 | ogg
11Scripture Reading: Mark 11:1-1145:34.9902:17.19mp3 | ogg
12Communion Meditation: A Symphony of Meaning47:52.1711:36.60mp3 | ogg
13Communion Hymn 274: An Upper Room with Evening Lamps59:28.7703:15.96mp3 | ogg
14A Service of Communion62:44.7315:29.00mp3 | ogg
15Closing Hymn 268: Ride On, Ride On in Majesty!78:13.7303:24.59mp3 | ogg
16Welcoming New Members81:38.3202:36.39mp3 | ogg
17Benediction84:14.7100:40.61mp3 | ogg
18Postlude: Festival84:55.3202:49.51mp3 | ogg

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