Sunday 3/1/2009 - Service: Letting Go Enough to Forgive

Minister/Presenter: Brenda Baker
Time: 10:00am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0077:03.35mp3 | ogg
1Prelude: Prelude in E flat00:00.0004:49.72mp3 | ogg
2Processional Hymn 1: God Is Here!04:49.7204:03.48mp3 | ogg
3Call to Worship and Invocation08:53.2002:49.69mp3 | ogg
4A Service of Dedication11:42.8906:43.40mp3 | ogg
5Baby Dedication18:26.2900:22.11mp3 | ogg
6Welcome and Announcements18:48.4003:28.87mp3 | ogg
7The Offering of Our Prayers22:17.2704:36.21mp3 | ogg
8The Offering of Our Gifts, Offertory: Come Walk with Me26:53.4805:43.61mp3 | ogg
9Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 3:13-22, Psalm 25:1-9, Mark 11:20-2532:37.0905:20.81mp3 | ogg
10Children's Message37:57.9104:15.88mp3 | ogg
11Communion Meditation: Letting Go Enough to Forgive42:13.7910:21.51mp3 | ogg
12Communion Hymn 695: As We Gather at Your Table52:35.2902:17.04mp3 | ogg
13Welcome New Members54:52.3303:55.73mp3 | ogg
14A Service of Communion58:48.0713:51.83mp3 | ogg
15Closing Hymn 715: Now Let Us from This Table Rise72:39.8901:58.57mp3 | ogg
16Benediction74:38.4700:47.95mp3 | ogg
17Postlude: Agnus Dei75:26.4101:36.93mp3 | ogg

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