Wednesday 12/24/2008 - Service: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Minister/Presenter: William Ness
Time: 10:00am


AllListen to Entire Service00:00.0079:58.97mp3 | ogg
1Prelude: Of the Father's Love Begotten00:00.0002:58.15mp3 | ogg
2Prelude: Noel on "Good Christian Friends, Rejoice"02:58.1503:42.03mp3 | ogg
3Prelude: Songs of the Cradle06:40.1704:17.53mp3 | ogg
4Call to Worship and Lighting of the Advent Wreath10:57.7100:41.09mp3 | ogg
5Processional Carol 183: Once in Royal David's City11:38.8004:59.84mp3 | ogg
6Invocation16:38.6400:50.51mp3 | ogg
7Scripture Reading: Luke 1:26-3817:29.1502:43.55mp3 | ogg
8Anthem: Suo Gan, "Sleep My Baby"20:12.6903:30.84mp3 | ogg
9Scripture Reading: Matthew 1:18-2423:43.5301:47.00mp3 | ogg
10Joseph Speaks25:30.5306:34.51mp3 | ogg
11Carol 179: Joy to the World!32:05.0402:33.85mp3 | ogg
12Scripture Reading: Luke 2:1-734:38.8900:59.16mp3 | ogg
13The Lighting of the Christ Candle35:38.0500:08.41mp3 | ogg
14Mary Speaks35:46.4703:24.15mp3 | ogg
15Anthem: Wexford Carol39:10.6105:57.87mp3 | ogg
16The Innkeeper Speaks45:08.4802:57.95mp3 | ogg
17Carol 205: Away in a Manger48:06.4302:58.59mp3 | ogg
18Scripture Reading: Luke 2:8-2051:05.0102:13.77mp3 | ogg
19The Shepherd Speaks53:18.7903:09.48mp3 | ogg
20Welcome56:28.2701:06.65mp3 | ogg
21The Offering of Our Gifts, and Offertory: Ah, Bleak and Chill the Wintry Wind57:34.9207:52.44mp3 | ogg
22Christmas Prayer65:27.3604:10.68mp3 | ogg
23Spreading the Light69:38.0405:35.11mp3 | ogg
24Carol75:13.1503:39.83mp3 | ogg
25Benediction78:52.9701:06.00mp3 | ogg

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