A Welcoming and Affirming Church

Common Table: Tuesday, February 13th

Lent and Advent, are like pauses during our Church year. They are times of reflection and preparation.

What better way to start the Lenten period than by gathering with others to share a meal and prepare ourselves for the coming of Easter.

Our Common Table is on Shrove Tuesday this year and that was traditionally a time when the store cupboards were raided for all the foods not allowed during Lent. A feast was made for friends and family, before the rigors of fasting during Lent. Shrove Tuesday is also the day of being “shriven,” that is the old English word for being forgiven of sins and being cleansed.

So what better way to put all these elements together than to share a meal and meditate on the Lenten message with your church family at FBC?

Please join us on Tuesday, February 13th at 6:30 pm in the Whitney Room.

If you should like to bring food to share, please see Barbara Ward or Lynne Carroll for information about what is needed.