A Welcoming and Affirming Church

From the Pastor

This week marks the beginning of the season of Lent. Some of you joined us on Wednesday to receive ashes and to spend time in contemplation. This period until Easter is a time of contemplation and confession–a time when we are reminded of our need for God. It is a journey of preparation in which we travel toward the cross with Jesus.

This Lent we will be moving toward Easter with a mind toward Awakening. On the surface it may seem a bit off balance with a traditional Lenten experience; however, when we practice spiritual disciplines (fasting from something or feasting on something else, laying something down and picking up something else), we are participating in an exercise of humility. As we contemplate and confess, we develop an awareness of what God is doing in us and in our world. We are open to an awakening of God’s faithfulness, presence, and purpose.

My sincere prayer is that this Lent (and throughout Eastertide and beyond) will be a deeply spiritual and physical experience for you, as you allow yourself to be awakened to God’s dreams within and for all of us. It will require much of us, including some awareness of where we aren’t perfect either as individuals or as a church, but the Spirit will lead us into Eastertide with a newfound desire for imagining and engaging our awakening.

You are loved, my friends. By God, by your pastor, by all of us.

You do not journey alone.