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Posts from March 2017

Adult Forum: Understanding the American Muslim

Join us on Sunday, April 2nd, after worship with Asima Silva, Director of Outreach at EnjoinGood.org, an organization that “is dedicated to building bridges so we can dispel the fear and hate that leads to violence.” Her story, “Understanding the American Muslim,” is both personal and representative of the Muslim experience in the U.S.

Adult Forum, March 26th, 2017

Following worship service on Sunday, Mary Taber from the Pastoral Counseling Centers of Massachusetts, Inc. will join us to talk about their organization and how they started, and their relationship to the church in serving Central Massachusetts.

From Our Pastor

We have had a blessed first two weeks of Lent, and I must say I am eager to see where the Holy Wind leads us in the coming months. Our Wonderful Wednesday discussion on the book Waking Up White, has been fruitful, honest, and buoyed by a growing self-awareness among those participating. For our forum…

Adult Forum Sunday March 19

We welcome Kristina Keefe-Perry from Common Street Spiritual Center and TABCOM right after Fellowship Hour. She will be lending her voice to the conversation on global warming: An introduction to it, why it’s an important issue for churches to be involved, and ways to do so.

From Our Pastor

Since before the US Constitution was ratified with our Bill of Rights, Baptists have led the way in advocating for freedom of religion for all people, especially those in the minority of beliefs. In fact, one of the primary voices in the writing of the First Amendment and a prominent abolitionist, John Leland, preached to…

From the Pastor

This week marks the beginning of the season of Lent. Some of you joined us on Wednesday to receive ashes and to spend time in contemplation. This period until Easter is a time of contemplation and confession–a time when we are reminded of our need for God. It is a journey of preparation in which…