A Welcoming and Affirming Church

Baptism Classes

For those interested in being baptized, we have some dates to announce!

March 12th, 9 am: Information session for parents to ask questions. Will not be a long meeting. In the Pastor’s Study.

March 26th, 9 am: First baptism class for youth 6th grade and up; will discuss faith in Christ, meaning of baptism, and how it applies to one’s faith moving forward. In the Pastor’s Study.

April 9th, 9 am: Second baptism class for youth 6th grade and up; will answer any questions; will walk through the baptistery and logistics for the following week’s baptisms. In the Pastor’s Study and then to the baptistery.

April 16th, 10 am Worship: Easter Sunday, we will baptize all candidates during the worship service.

Please let Brent know if your child is planning to attend. The expectation is attendance at both baptism classes.

If you are an adult interested in baptism, please contact Brent over email, to arrange a one-on-one meeting in lieu of baptism classes.