A Welcoming and Affirming Church

Prayer Vigil Wednesday at 7 PM

Prayer VigilPeople of Good Will, of All Religions and No Religion

Inter-Religious Prayer Vigil
Wednesday 6/15
7 pm
in front of Worcester City Hall

We will simply grieve, support each other, pray for the dead and the suffering, and pray for peace.

This will be an open, multi-religious space, and prayers will be prayed from various traditions, not on behalf of all present, but side-by-side as members of different traditions. Those gathered can join as they are willing and able.


TO BE ABUNDANTLY CLEAR FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS: no matter what your theology, polity, or politics may be concerning same-sex relationships, this will be an AFFIRMING SPACE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND SUPPORT. Any “prayers” blaming the victims or the GLBTQ+ community WILL NOT have any place at this vigil.

We hope our Muslim friends will attend. (It is Ramadan, so it may be difficult). This will also be a space of solidarity and love for them, honoring their ongoing support of peace and service through our whole community. Prayers against Islam WILL NOT have any place at this vigil.

Please join us in unity, love, and support in this terrible time.