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Pastoral Search Team News

Pastoral Search Team

May 26, 2015

The Pastoral Search Team would like to THANK EVERYONE who submitted a Pastoral Work Style survey to the Team! We were thrilled to receive over 70 surveys! Our next phase includes reviewing and discussing YOUR responses! To do so, we set up a fine day in May to gather for a day long meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to use your feedback to create a pastor profile and develop a model for the future structure of the pastoral leadership. Once we have that information we will set a date for a forum to present all that we have learned and put together.

And just because summer is coming doesn’t mean we’re taking a vacation from this quest. The Team has divvied out roles for themselves which include: investigating avenues to search for possible candidates, creating ways to advertise the position, generating interview questions, and, if available, reviewing materials from interested applicants.

As always we are available for any questions or concerns, and we’ll always take your enthusiastic “thumbs-up” that reassure us we’re fulfilling our duties as you and God call us to! You can speak to any of us directly

Courtney Stevens, Joe Oakley, Barbara Ward, Stephanie Gaudette, Jim Hecox, Karl Bjork, Rod Ferris, Phyllis Whitten, or Sue Gelinas or reach us by email at pastoralsearch@fbc-worc.org.

While the deadline to submit the survey has passed, you can still fill one out. There are some copies in the church lobby, or you can access the link at bit.ly/FBCsurvey