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Meet the Pastoral Search Team

Pastoral Search Team

The Pastoral Search Team is in its first phase, set with the very important task of searching out the leadership for the future of First Baptist Church. This important first step involves discovery of FBC’s pastoral needs before a description is drafted to begin the search. The answer, of course, requires getting a clear idea of who we are in light of our recent transitions, and what we believe FBC is becoming by way of mission, our personal needs, and the needs of the community.

We are honored to be given this opportunity, having been given your trust, and look forward to seeking out your thoughts, attitudes, concerns, questions, and beliefs to gain a better understanding of what this great church is looking for in pastoral leadership. We will keep you informed of our process through the newsletter, web site, Facebook and announcements. Our main web page, where we will post all the latest news,  is located here.

Please feel free to approach, or call any of the members of the PSTeam, or email us as a group at PastoralSearch@fbc-worc.org – we are looking forward to hearing from you!

In addition, anyone can send their ideas to Tom Grisso [ Thomas.Grisso@umassmed.edu ] and he will forward them to the Team. The members of the PS Team are—

Karl Bjork

Stephanie Gaudette

Sue Gelinas

Jim Hecox

Joe Oakley

Courtney Stevens

Barbara Ward

Phyllis Whitten

Michael Harvey (advisor to the Team)